Norelys Polanco

Originally from Venezuela, Norelys emerged in 2004 from her career in Statistical Science and began honing her skills in photography, one of her true passions. She used her strengths and intense attention to details, coupled with her natural sense of creativity to craft photographic ingenuity. Norelys, along with her husband, launched into the wedding and family photography arena in Atlanta and their exceptional work was quickly noticed. Then, at the time when Norelys was expecting her first child, she fell in love with maternity and newborn photography. The very idea that a precious gift from God could be nestled in the womb of a woman inspired her further.

It is clear, from the brilliantly captivating portraits she has in her collection, that Norelys Polanco truly has an eye for artistry. As a Maternity and Newborn Portrait Specialist, Norelys consistently amazes her clients with the stunning moments she captures through her lens – from the swaddled newborn gently suspended from the limb of a tree to the tender portraits of expectant moms elegantly draped in opaque fabrics.

Now Norelys finds great pleasure in exclusively offering her very best work in photography for new and expecting moms.

To all of you, from all of us at N Gallery – Thank you…

Norelys Polanco
Founder and Owner